​​​​​​Victory Baptist Church

Victory Adults

The Evangels (Older Adults) 
The Evangel class can teach you first hand about faith, family values and Christian principles. Every Sunday, there’s a good story and a laugh or two. Dedicated to family and to God, they give strength to each other and to Victory Baptist Church. They have a great teacher who helps them understand Scripture and to have faith when life gets tough. Members of the class love to sing and the rest of us love to hear them. The Evangels have many blessings and would love to share them with you.

The Harvesters (Various Ages) 

Many of the men and women in this class are looking for strength and friendship as they make new beginnings in life Some simply enjoy the family-like group of friends as they serve the Lord. All are given biblical values to guide their decisions while they are encouraged and nurtured by class members and a dedicated teacher. We have seen real miracles as God has touched lives in our Harvesters class. Need a hug? See a Harvester!

The Crusaders (Various Ages)

You’ll never have to wait long to laugh when you are around the Crusaders. These men and women are fun loving and we often see them wearing Hawaiian shirts or Stooges ties. However, they are also a group committed to serving the Lord and to strong friendships. Much of the energy and leadership of this great church comes from the dedicated teacher and members of the Crusaders class.

Want a memorable time studying God’s word? Get to know the Crusaders.

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